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Number One has been our flagship product for years, which has allowed us to win many serious fishing competitions. From now on, it is an even better ground bait, thanks to the use of a completely new formula and production process. To achieve the highest quality of the final product, we have used the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected from our local suppliers, so we can work on fresh ingredients, which is of great importance in order to achieve the success. The effectiveness and versatility of these ground baits were checked by our testers on many fishing grounds, they were also tested on fishing grounds subjected to high angling pressure, as well as the one related to fishing between competitors using competitive products that are of European production. We have received a product that we recommend with full responsibility to professional anglers as well as the most demanding recreational anglers. The Number One series of ground baits has another important feature, the ground baits are composed in such a way that they complement each other. Thanks to this, we have unlimited room for manoeuver and we are able to obtain optimal work and consistency of the merchandise. To these ground baits we recommend using Peanuts in Caramel, brewing them beforehand. To increase efficiency, we recommend feeding ground bait with StarFish clays and soil. 

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