Hooks Kamatsu M.F. RIG BRAIDED Chinu 5pcs WITH WIRE SCREW


Hooks Kamatsu M.F. RIG BRAIDED Iseama 5pcs WITH WIRE SCREW

Hooks Kamatsu M.F. RIG BRAIDED CHINU WITH SPIKE 5 PCS 10 cm leader

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BRAIDED LINE LEADERS. Besides traditional monofilament, braided line is a leader material which has a large group of enthusiasts. Now our series of leaders for Method Feeder has been extended by models made of special braided lines in small sizes. It is worth reaching for this version of leaders because of their softness and high durability characteristic for braided line. These obvious advantages of the line can now be used with our new leaders, which, depending on the version, are finished with a ring, fast-stop or a spiked needle made of stainless wire. The leaders are made on the basis of selected Kamatsu hooks, which allows their optimal selection depending on the lure and species of the fish caught.

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