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Blend for Worms 400 gr.

Specially composed high quality natural blend cleansing and flavoring white worms. It prolongs their..
Cooked corn 3kg

Cooked corn 3kg

6.49€ 5.49€
Corn in Dip 1,5 kg

Corn in Dip 1,5 kg

3.55€ 2.99€

Corn milk Professional 500 ml

This sticky dense liquid is made of corn and is recommended for preparing dissolving boilies and as ..

Dovit Adhesives 400 gr.

We primary have been developed this product to mix and knead different bait blend additives, and t..

Madix briquette 400 gr

High protein briquette bait. Feed with not more than 5 to 6 briquettes. It stays on the bottom fo..

QUICKLIQ 250 ml.

As its name shows this aroma liquid takes effect quickly. Though it contains a big dose of of arom..
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